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NCCER’s roots extend back to the early 1990s when leading contractors came together to standardize training and provide industry-recognized credentials. Over time, NCCER has expanded to become the industry’s source for training, assessments and certification. NCCER continues to evolve beyond the construction and maintenance industries both domestically and globally. Today, NCCER develops curricula for over 70 craft areas that have been used in all 50 states and in 20 countries.

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  • Under the Construction Education Foundation of ABC, 11 of the nation’s leading contractors come together to address the emerging shortage of skilled workers and begin the process of standardizing curricula and industry-recognized credentials
Timeline - 1991: Founding Contractors

  • Core Curriculum releases along with the first five standardized craft curricula: Electrical, Pipefitting, Millwright, Welding and Instrumentation
Timeline - 1991: Core Curriculum



  • Master Trainer Instructor Certification Program, Instructor Certification Training Program and Accreditation Guidelines release
Timeline - 1993: Master Trainer Program

  • First 53 organizations apply
    for accreditation

  • First module completion is recorded
    in the Registry System



  • Fluor and Brown & Root each pledge $1 million in contributions to establish NCCER
Timeline - 1994: Checks



  • More than 125 construction industry association and academic leaders lay the groundwork for the creation of NCCER at the Aspen Summit.
Timeline - 1995: Aspen Summit

  • Prentice Hall (now Pearson) becomes NCCER's publishing partner
 Timeline - 1995: Prentice Hall



  • The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) becomes an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational foundation on Jan. 1, 1996, and Gainesville, Florida, is selected as the headquarters
Timeline - 1996: Gainesville Headquarters

  • Partners with Dell Computers to offer a desktop computer system that operates CD-ROMs of Core and Electrical curricula
Timeline - 1996: Dell Partnership

  • Associated Builders and Contractors becomes a general partner
Timeline - 2014: ABC

  • Partners with The Associated General Contractors of America
Timeline - 2014: AGC

  • Officially begins offering credentials, certificates, wallet cards and transcripts
Timeline - 1996: Original NCCER Certificate

  • BE&K, Dan Vos Construction, Fluor Daniel, Hess Mechanical, Ivey Mechanical, Nova Group and TDIndustries sign the first National Training Service Agreements


  • Launches website at

  • Business Roundtable endorses NCCER as a method of delivering training curricula, performance standards and certification to the industry and recommends that all owners require evidence of craft training as a qualifier for contractor selection

  • The Construction Innovation Forum awards NCCER the NOVA award for successfully uniting the construction industry under one training program

  • Build Your Future’s (BYF) satellite teleconference promoting construction careers broadcasts to more than 300,000 students among nearly 4,000 schools
Timeline - 1997: 1st BYF Teleconference



  • Partners with Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (now SkillsUSA)
Timeline - 1998: SkillsUSA

  • Partners with American Vocational Association (now the Association for Career and Technical Education)
Timeline - 1998: ACTE


  • Prentice Hall publishes Core Curriculum in Spanish
Timeline - 1999: Spanish Core Curriculum

  • KBR (formerly Brown & Root) contributes another $1 million


  • Produces Annotated Instructor’s Guides for the first time
Timeline - 2000: Annotated Instructor's Guide

  • The National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) launches and releases the following assessments: Industrial Carpenter, Industrial Pipefitter, Scaffolding, Boilermaker, Instrumentation Technician and Fitter

  • Publishes curricula in color



  • The Registry System processes the one millionth module completion
 Timeline - 2001: 1 Million Modules



  • Establishes Accredited Training and Education Facilities for secondary and postsecondary institutions

  • Rebrands product line as Contren
    Learning Series
Timeline - 2002: Contren Learning Series Logo

  • Partners with the American Petroleum Institute to develop curricula and assessments for the pipeline industry and launches the Pipeline Training and Assessment Program
Timeline - 2002: Pipeline Curriculum



  • Partners with Prov to deliver assessments
Prov Logo



  • BYF launches the first career website and the first annual Careers in Construction Week
Timeline - 2005: CIC Week



  • Releases six curricula through Pearson’s online platform branded Contren Connect

  • After Hurricane Katrina, the GREAT (Gulf Rebuild: Education, Advancement and Training) campaign launches and nearly 24,000 participants along the Gulf Coast complete training during the three-year campaign with an 84 percent placement rate
Timeline - 2006: GREAT



  • NCCER, Prov and North American Crane Bureau partner to introduce the Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program

  • Enhances and renames wallet cards the Blue Card for individuals who successfully complete training and assessments
Timeline - 2007: Blue Cards

  • Participates on the Construction Industry Institute’s Research Team 231: Construction Industry Craft Training in the U.S. and Canada
Timeline - 2007: CII Cover



  • Establishes the Construction Education Champion award for industry professionals with at least 10 years of service to NCCER who have made significant contributions to construction education and workforce development efforts
 Timeline - 2008: CEC Award

  • Mobile Crane Operator Certification Program receives ANSI accreditation
Timeline - 2008: ANSI Logo

  • Becomes a U.S. Green Building Council education provider and releases Your Role in the Green Environment
Timeline - 2008: Green Environment Curriculum



  • Over 1 million modules are completed in a single year for the first time

  • Begins publishing The Cornerstone magazine
Timeline - 2009: Cornerstone Magazine

  • Creates social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
Timeline - 2009: Facebook Account



  • Releases a custom bookbuild database and Instructor Resource Center through Pearson

  • Launches the NCCER eStore with branded NCCER apparel, signs and other merchandise
Timeline - 2010: Estore

  • Begins sponsoring the carpentry competition at the national SkillsUSA Championships
Timeline - 2010: Carpentry



  • Opens new, fully owned headquarters in Alachua, Florida

Timeline - 2011: Headquarters

  • BYF expands from a career education campaign to a full recruitment and image enhancement initiative. As part of this expansion, BYF:
    • launches
    • unveils new branding and logo design
Timeline - 2011: BYF New
    • creates social media account on Facebook and Twitter
    • establishes a five-year sponsorship deal with NASCAR driver David Starr
    • develops a state partnership with Louisiana
Timeline - 2011: Louisiana
    • hosts the first annual Scramble for Skills golf tournament
Timeline - 2011: Scramble



  • Holds first international Master Trainer session and international audit

  • Online assessments become the prevalent way of delivering assessments instead of paper

  • The board of trustees formally dedicates NCCER’s new headquarters at a ceremony in Alachua, Florida, and the building receives LEED Silver Building Certification from USGBC

Timeline - 2012: New HQ

  • The Cornerstone magazine is available online at
Timeline - 2012: Cornerstone Online

  • Renames curricula line the NCCER Curriculum from Contren Learning Series, and Contren Connect becomes NCCERconnect
Timeline - 2012: Contren



  • Careers in Construction Week extends throughout the month of October to become Careers in Construction Month
Timeline - 2013: CICM October

  • Enhances instructor resources to include comprehensive lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations

  • Begins sponsoring the masonry competition at the national SkillsUSA Championships
Timeline - 2013: Masonry

  • Launches the online bookstore for customers to build, save, print and place orders online
Timeline - 2013: Online Bookstore

  • Sponsors Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Pathways to Prosperity project, leading to the development of the Construction Career Pathways initiative
Timeline - 2013: Pathways Graphic

  • BYF develops crosswalks to compare military occupational specialty codes with NCCER training



  • Releases the Contractors Workforce Development Assessment with the Construction Users Roundtable
Timeline - 2014: CWDA

  • BYF introduces the Hard Hat Heroes military initiative, and NCCER is recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama at the Veterans’ Employment in Construction Symposium in Washington, D.C. as a major contributor in developing a fast track for civilian employment
Timeline - 2014: Hard Hat Heroes

  • The Build Your Future scholarship program is funded and scholarships are awarded through:
Timeline - 2014: BYF Scholarship
    • Associated Builders and Contractors
    • Associated General Contractors
      of America
    • Folds of Honor Foundation

  • Build Your Future challenges groups such as the Human Resources Construction Council, Southeastern Construction Owners and Associates Roundtable and local user councils to match BYF contributions for additional scholarships

  • Releases Breaking Ground: The NCCER Blog
Timeline - 2014: Breaking Ground Logo



  • Releases the Testing Management System to provide online module testing, registry submissions and test results

  • Creates a new global template for all new and revised curricula complete with metric conversions and international features

  • Construction Career Pathways initiative expands to include its own website and a connection map to facilitate education and industry collaboration locally

Timeline - 2015: Pathways Connection Map



  • NCCER celebrates its 20th anniversary

Timeline - 2016: 20th Anniversary

  • Build Your Future develops a state partnership with Indiana

Timeline - 2016: Indiana

  • Cornerstone Magazine releases a commemorative issue highlighting NCCER's 20th anniversary
Timeline - 2016: Cornerstone

  • NCCER releases an updated Registry System