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Testing Management System FAQ

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Do I have to use the Testing Management System to use NCCER training programs?

No, NCCER does not require participation in the Testing Management System. However, some states are requiring online testing and third-party verification as a funding requirement for schools within their states. It is up to the individual sponsors or schools to check this.

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Why should I use the Testing Management System?

  • Easy setup of classes and student rosters
  • Provides online module testing
  • Offers multiple test forms
  • Automatic scoring
  • Easy reporting of performance profile completions
  • Electronic record storage
  • Automatic submissions to NCCER Registry
  • Elimination of the registration of training modules
  • Easy navigation
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How do I get access to the Testing Management System?

Access is given by the Sponsor Representative at the Accredited Training Sponsor (ATS). If you are the Sponsor Representative at an ATS and would like to get started, please contact 888.622.3720 and ask for Testing Management System customer service, or you can send an email request for activation to

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Can anyone get access to the Testing Management System?

No, only individuals with current credentials as a Master Trainer, instructor, performance evaluator or curriculum proctor and are currently working under an ATS that has signed up to use the system are eligible for access.

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What is the cost to use the Testing Management System?

NCCER does not set commercial terms. Commercial terms are set by the ATS. Contact the Sponsor Representative at the ATS for pricing and scheduling information.

  • NOTE: Sponsor Representatives interested in utilizing the Testing Management System should contact NCCER TMS customer service for ATS pricing.
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How will I be invoiced for testing done through the Testing Management System?

The invoicing structure is determined by the Sponsor Representative. The Sponsor Representative has the option to have invoicing go directly to the sponsor or directly to the Training Unit (TU)/Accredited Training and Education Facility (ATEF).

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Do I need any special hardware or software to run the Testing Management System?

No, the Testing Management System is a web-based platform that can be operated from a desktop computer, laptop or tablet, so no special software is needed.

  • NOTE: The computer or tablet must be controlled by the ATS/TU/ATEF. Students cannot use their personal computer or tablet for testing.
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Do I need a computer or tablet for each student?

Yes, each student will need a computer to test; however, scheduling of module exam testing can allow for training locations to utilize fewer computers.

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Can the Testing Management System be delivered via a smartphone?


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Do I have to use a specific internet browser?

No. However, the Testing Management System works best with Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome can cause some minor functionality issues, but NCCER is able to provide instructions and information for initial setup to use Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

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Can I use the Instructor Resource Center paper tests and the Testing Management System?

Yes, the choice of which testing method is up to the ATS and instructor.

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I teach using individual modules, not a complete level of curriculum. Can I use the Testing Management System for individual module training?

Yes, the Testing Management System allows the option for instructors to setup their class for testing by individual module or entire curriculum level.

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Are the module exams timed?

Yes, they are 60 minutes long.

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What if I have students who need testing accommodations?

Usually the only accommodation that effects use of the Testing Management System is if a student has a documented need for additional testing time. NCCER requests notifications of accommodations at least 48 hours in advance.

  • The instructor or proctor needs to contact Testing Management System customer service by emailing with the ATS name, TU or school name, class name, student’s information (name, SSN/SGN, class name, module exam(s) and the date testing is scheduled) and what accommodation needs to be made – such as time and a half, double time, etc.
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What if a student’s testing accommodation is to have the test read aloud?

As long as the student has a documented need, the school can provide that accommodation. NCCER’s policy requires that if a module exam needs to be read aloud to a student, it has to be done in a one-on-one environment, so that other students are not distracted. NCCER requests, if at all possible, that the reader be someone without any craft or technical knowledge.

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Does the Testing Management System provide actual numerical scores or just pass/fail?

The Testing Management System provides both numerical scores and pass/fail.

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Can multiple instructors give module exams to students?

Yes, the system allows for multiple instructors to be affiliated with a single class.

  • NOTE: In order for any instructor to enable a module exam, they must be certified in that module or craft.
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If I use the Testing Management System, do I still have to submit a registration of training modules?

No, the Testing Management System provides automatic submission to the NCCER Registry System.

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Does historical data get loaded into the Testing Management System?

No, historical data is recorded in the NCCER Registry System. The Testing Management System will record any data that takes place within its system and will therefore have historical data going forward.

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What if I have a student who completed some modules that were submitted via a Form 200 and some modules that were submitted via the Testing Management System? Will they get credit for both?

Yes, all module completions that are submitted will be recorded in the NCCER Registry System. Credentials are issued once all modules are completed in a defined level – no matter how they were submitted.

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Does the Testing Management System connect to ISNetworld?

The Testing Management System automatically provides data to the NCCER Registry System, which then shares the data with ISNetworld.

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Who do I contact for technical support?

NCCER Testing Management System customer service is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST at toll free 888.622.3720.

  • After-hours customer service is available by calling NCCER at 888.622.3720 and selecting option three.
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