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Rigger/Signal Person Practical Examiner

A Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examiner is an individual certified in accordance with the NCCER Rigger & Signal Person Operator Certification Program to deliver rigger and signal person practical examinations. Certified Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examiners must be affiliated with an NCCER Rigger & Signal Person Endorsed Accredited Assessment Center.

Certification Requirements

Each of the following requirements must be met in order to become an NCCER certified Rigger/Signal Person Practical Examiner:

  • Have approval of an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center
  • Have at least five years of documented related experience or equivalent related training/education, verified by NCCER
  • Submit Practical Examiner Qualifications via the new Registry system for verification and approval
  • Successfully pass the NCCER Advanced Rigger and Signal Person assessments, prior to being approved to attend Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examiner training
  • Successfully complete the Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examiner training program
  • Have current NCCER Master Trainer, Craft Instructor, or Performance Evaluator certification or successfully complete the NCCER Instruction Certification Training Program (ICTP) or the abbreviated ICTP for performance evaluators (Modules 1 and 9)

Training Program

Training topics include:

  • Requirements, responsibilities and liabilities of the Rigger & Signal Person Certification Program
  • Confidentiality requirements of the program
  • Matching assessments to the appropriate practical examinations;
  • Application of practical exam procedures
  • Setup and administration of all levels of Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examinations
  • Required paperwork
  • Policies and procedures of the program

Program Schedule

Please see our Class Schedules & Registration page to view more information and submit registration for class.

The registration process is part of the new Registry system and will be made available/notified to the candidate upon approval of their qualifications and meeting of pre-requisite assessments.