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Rigger & Signal Person

Certification Programs FAQ

How long is NCCER’s rigger and/or signal person certification valid?

Five years from the certification date of examination.

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Does the Rigger & Signal Person Certification Program meet the requiremnts of the most current ASME B30 safety standards and OSHA regulations?

Yes, including three levels of rigger qualifications and basic crane knowledge for the signal person. Both certification programs also require a written assessment and a practical examination.

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Once I take the written assessment OR practical examination, how long does it take to get the results back?

Once the completed assessment/examination answer sheet is submitted to Prov, you can expect results within 15 minutes.

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Who grades the assessment/examinations?

Both the written assessment and practical examinations are graded by Prov computers. [ Page Top ]

Once I have taken the written assessment OR practical examination, how long do I have to complete the certification process?

You have 12 months from taking either the written assessment or practical examination to complete the certification process. Results expire after 12 months if the process is not completed.

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How can I become a Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examiner?

You must first be affilated with an NCCER Rigger/Signal Person Endorsed Accredited Assessment Center. You must also meet the following qualification requirements: complete the rigger/signal person practical examiner training; pass BOTH the advanced rigger and signal person written assessments prior to attending practical examiner training; have at least five years of documented crane/rigging/signaling experience or equivalent education/training, verified by NCCER; have current NCCER Master Trainer, Craft Instructor or Performance Evaluation certification.

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How do I register for the Rigger & Signal Person Practical Examiner training program?

Qualifications and pre-requisites must be met before registering for the practical examiner training. For more information view the How-To document Submit Practical Examiner Qualifications. Once approved, you will be able to register via the Registry.

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How long is the Rigger & Signal Practical Examiner training program?

The Rigger/Signal Person Practical Examiner training program is a one-day course which includes written and performance exams.

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How does an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center obtain a Rigger & Signal Person endorsement?

The primary administrator must complete the Application for Assessment Center Endorsement in the Registry and submit the required supporting documentation, as well as pay the $495 application fee. The Accredited Assessment Center must also have a certified Rigger/Signal Person Practical Examiner affiliated with their organization and have the proper facilities and required equipment (pictures required) to conduct both the Rigger/Signal Person written assessments and practical examinations.

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How do I show an inspector at my worksite, or a potential employer, which NCCER certifications I have?

In order for you, or someone else, to verify your NCCER records, go to NCCER’s Registry at and click on Online Verification.

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What is the difference between the NCCER Rigging Assessments and the NCCER Rigging Certifications?

pdf NCCER Rigger Program Comparison

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Which level of Rigger Certification is right for me?

Please refer to the following Rigger Certification table.

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