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Program Funding

Cents-per-hour funding is a proven method for funding a contractor or association’s training program that has existed in the construction industry for many years. NCCER maintains a cents-per-hour training fund for contractors to voluntarily set aside funds for training and workforce development efforts. This established fund is the National Training Service Agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NTSA?

The National Training Service Agreement (NTSA) is used by leading contractors as a means to fund training programs. Its goal is to provide a mechanism to job-cost payment of craft training programs conducted in-house or by third-party sources. Contractors can systematically set aside funds for internal training and workforce development efforts.

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How does the NTSA work?

By participating in an NTSA, a contractor voluntarily contributes 15 cents per craft-labor hour. Thirteen cents is deposited into an individual account that NCCER establishes and maintains for the contractor. The remaining two cents is contributed to NCCER for program development and curricula revision. As the contractor incurs training charges, they submit invoices to NCCER for payment. This service gives independent third-party confirmation that funds are applied only to training-related activities.

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What are the benefits of the NTSA?

  • Allows for job costing of training expenses
  • Provides independent third-party verification to customers that the contractor is conducting training
  • Provides contractor with funds to pay for training expenses
  • Investments are low risk/shared interest
  • Complete return on contractor's investment
  • Meet owner demands
  • Thirteen cents is directly reimbursed for training
  • Two cents is indirectly reimbursed through program development, curricula and skill assessment development and revision, and National Registry operation.
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Who participates in the NTSA?

NTSA participants are contractors and associations who support the workforce development efforts of NCCER and believe in the value of standardized training.

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How do I get started in the NTSA?

If you would like to start setting aside funds for internal training and workforce developments efforts, contact NCCER's customer service department at 888.622.3720.

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