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Pipeline Program

NCCER's Enhanced Pipeline Program Coming Soon!

Sign up beginning March 30th for webinar training to learn more about our new pipeline program. This training will let you preview the new training and testing systems and provide you the opportunity to ask questions. To assist with the transition, we have listed answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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Program Features

  • Training and testing available online
  • Streamlined qualification process
  • Individual training modules for each covered task with knowledge and performance exams
  • Integrated performance exams developed in accordance with API RP 1161, 3rd edition
  • All covered task training and qualification modules incorporate task-specific AOCs
  • Pipeline testing administered online through the new NCCER Testing System
    • Exams automatically generated, graded and submitted to NCCER Registry-No more Form 200s
    • Immediate results for individuals taking exams
    • System generated score reports and training prescriptions for focused remediation
    • Results submitted to ISN every six hours
    • Computer tests available
    • Paper tests available beginning July 1st

NCCER has been providing pipeline resources for over fifteen years and prides itself on safety, quality and results. Contact NCCER today to start using this comprehensive training and qualification system.

Pipeline Career Pathway Training

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The newly established pipeline career pathway provides the recognition pipeline professionals deserve through standardized training and industry-recognized credentials. These books consist of modules compiled together to provide levels of training for pipeline professionals. Annotated Instructor Guides with teaching outlines are available in print as well.

All ISBNs and further ordering information are available on the NCCER Bookstore at

Covered Task Modules

Ordering Coming Soon!

Individual Ordering: to purchase individual covered task modules in an ebook format. This is typically used for the individual to purchase the ebook and use as a study guide

Steps for Individuals (These are digital copies and not hard cover books.)

  • Go to
  • Click on Individual Ordering
  • Click on the covered task needed
  • You will now be on VitalSource website where you can purchase the covered task training module ($18 each)
  • Once purchased it will be available immediately
  • Tests for qualification can only be done with an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor

Instructor/Program Ordering

  • Allows an instructor/organization to make bulk purchases in both print and digital (this is not an ebook, it is a PDF with no interactive features, but can be viewed on a computer or mobile device; however it does not work offline like VitalSource)
  • Website is, there is a minimum 10 copies, but it can be of the same module
  • Digital copies can be added by selecting the option when ordering
  • Printed books take 3 weeks, digital PDFs take 5 days
  • Trainee Guides (full books) still available for $100/per level
  • In order to test trainees, the new NCCER Testing System will have to be used

A list of covered task modules has been compiled into PDF format. Click the link below to download.

Download Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I manage my current assessment inventory?
A: We encourage you to use up what you can in the coming months and be cautious placing new assessment orders as you will only be able to submit for 90 days once the new program begins.

Q: Do I have to train? I have always just tested.
A: No. You can continue to just test, although NCCER strongly encourages everyone to offer training prior to testing.

Q: Will paper testing still be available?
A: Yes, paper testing will still be available. More details will be coming out soon.

Q: Do we have to test both written and performance?
A: This is up to the requirements of each operator. Only pipeline operators (not NCCER) can determine the qualification requirements of workers, contractors and subcontractors working on their pipeline.