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Online Curriculum

NCCER continuously invests in new and innovative training methods to keep up with evolving technologies and the fast-paced demands of the industry. NCCER offers online and other digital training solutions through our Instructor Resource Center, NCCERconnect, and Pearson Custom Library.


Instructor Resource Center (IRC)

NCCER instructors have traditionally accessed the IRC for module exams (Test Generation Software). Today, instructors can access new and improved tools to include comprehensive lesson plans and robust PowerPoint presentations. These new and robust PowerPoints include instruction tied to the classroom lesson plans, as well as video and animations in some cases. To find out which crafts contain these new resources, contact NCCER at 1-888-622-3720. Visit the IRC to learn more.



NCCER and publishing partner Pearson have developed NCCERconnect, an online training solution for craft professionals. Ideal for blended or distance education, NCCERconnect is a perfect supplement to use with NCCER curriculum. These virtual e-books include all of the content of the print trainee guides and much more.

NCCERconnect includes a media rich eText and provides a range of visual, auditory and interactive elements. An Instructor Toolkit provides easy access to lesson plans and lecture slide presentations. A Media Library features video presentations and interactive exercises to demonstrate difficult skills and concepts.

NCCERconnect also includes a learning management system with Gradebook and Performance Reporting features. Concept checks, included at the end of each section, are automatically scored and integrated into performance reports.  NCCERconnect e-books may also be customized. Personalization tools include a highlighter and note option, allowing students to easily keep track of important information.

NCCERconnect is currently available for over 20 titles and new titles continue to be added each year. Visit NCCERconnect for available crafts, ordering information, or to view an online demonstration. Or contact your Pearson representative.


Pearson Custom Library

NCCER Curriculum lets you pick the individual modules you want from more than 120 NCCER titles, and organizes them in the order that fits your teaching approach and objectives. Your students pay only for the content you choose. It's your course.

Using our online book-building system you can select the content you need, customize your custom book cover with your course information, preview the entire book and index online, and request a free printed evaluation copy to examine before you order. There are no surprises, and nothing is wasted.

Create your own customized textbook by selecting the modules you need, in the sequence you want, from industry-leading NCCER publications covering such topics as Core Curriculum, Carpentry, Electrical, Welding, Plumbing, and HVAC. Your students will benefit from the flexible, competency-based modules developed by NCCER’s team of construction experts and instructors, presented in an order uniquely suited to your course.

You're in full control of the cost. Your book's actual net (bookstore) price is automatically calculated for you online as you select chapters.

eBook option. More than 100 NCCER customizable titles in the program are available for ordering in eBook format. Visit the Custom Library to learn more.