Ng Mui Buddhist Nun

Staff Directory

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 Office of the PresidentExt.

 Don Whyte

 President and Chief Executive Officer


 Steve Greene

 Vice President


 Katrina Kersch

 Chief Operations Officer


 Clint Gibbs

 Chief Financial Officer


 Leilanie Merrill

 Executive Administrative Assistant


 Credentialing and Compliance Services Ext.

 Cathy Tyler



 Stephanie Camille

 Accreditation and Audit Programs Manager


 Sherry Edmonson

 Audit Program Coordinator


 Heather Hoffmann

 Accreditation Coordinator


 Rachel Melton

 Registry Manager


 Laurie Smith

 Registry Coordinator


 Angy Hall

 Registry Assistant


 Jessica Graham

 Registry Assistant


 Scott Fisher

 Customer Service Manager


 Tanya Tillman

 Customer Service Representative


 Selena Harscheid

 Customer Service Representative


 Erin LaMedica

 Customer Service Representative


 Carol Bruce

 Customer Service Representative


 Finance and Administration Ext

 Debra Puckett

 Staff Accountant/Human Resources Senior Manager


 Sandra Pennell

 Accounts Payable/Receivable Coordinator


 Tony Dal Santo

 Facilities and Services Coordinator


 Phillis Chamberlain

 Finance Assistant


 Information Technology Ext.

 Mik Hartel



 Bill Mercer

 Software Engineer


 Matthew Mahoney

 Systems Administrator / Tech Support Coordinator


 International and Legal ServicesExt.

 Ryan Wilder



 Marketing, Public Relations and Build Your Future Ext.

 Jennifer Wilkerson



 Christina Catron

 Marketing and Design Senior Manager


 Kirstyn Quandt

 Communications Manager


 Ashleigh Potuznik

 Build Your Future Manager


 Megan Cooper

 Build Your Future Coordinator & Graphic Designer


 Jessica Gray

 Marketing Project Manager


 Tracy Orner

 Administrative Assistant


 Product Development and Revision Ext.

 Daniele Dixon



 Mark Thomas

 Project Senior Manager


 Tim Davis

 Production Senior Manager


 Chris Wilson

 Project Manager/Associate Editor


 Elizabeth Schlaupitz

 Project Manager/Associate Editor


 Luke Tia

 Project Manager


 James McKay

 Desktop Publishing Coordinator


 Graham Hack



 Karyn Payne

 Quality Assurance Coordinator


 Kelly Sadler

 Administrative Assistant


 Adrienne Payne

 Production Specialist


 Program Services Ext.

 Allyson Butts



 Equilla Bjerregaard

 Program Services Manager


 Jacob Oshier

 Program Services Coordinator


 Kay Lewis

 Administrative Assistant


 Nikki Bryant

 Administrative Assistant


 Brandon Weaver

 Administrative Assistant / Fulfillment


 Workforce Development Ext.

 Dan Belcher



 John Havlik

 Workforce Development Senior Program Manager


 Patty Bird

 Workforce Development Senior Program Manager


 Nicole Kitler

 Administrative Assistant