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Knowledge Verified Credential FAQ


Why is the name of the credential being changed from “Certified Written” to “Knowledge Verified?”

There has been some confusion in the industry about the meaning of the “Certified Written” credential.  Some employers were under the impression that “Certified Written” was a credential representing that a craft professional had passed a performance evaluation, when in fact it only represents that a craft professional has passed a knowledge-based written assessment.   NCCER’s “Performance Verified” credential represents verification of the performance of a particular skill. Therefore, the change is being implemented to better reflect the actual status and accomplishments of each craft professional.

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When will this change take place?

Beginning on January 1, 2013, NCCER will use the term “Knowledge Verified” on NCCER documentation to refer to candidates who successfully pass the written assessment for the first time. For craft professionals who earn the “Certified Written” credential before that date, NCCER will continue to acknowledge that terminology until January 1, 2015.

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Will I have to re-take my written assessment?

No. The NCCER credential you received for passing a written assessment in your craft is simply being renamed.  The process required to earn the credential has not changed, nor has the value of your achievement.

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Will the content of the assessments be changed as a result of this initiative?

No. The written assessment craft professionals are currently required to take and pass to earn the “Certified Written” credential will not be affected by the name change to “Knowledge Verified.”

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Will I get a new NCCER wallet card?

No. As always, your NCCER wallet card is all you will need to verify your credentials.  The renaming of the “Certified Written” credential to “Knowledge Verified” only affects the terminology used to identify the credential itself.  Your wallet card, wallet card ID number and NCCER transcript will not be affected.

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Will I get a certificate showing that I earned the Knowledge Verified credential by passing a written assessment?
Yes. As with our other credentials, you will receive a certificate of recognition as well as a hard copy transcript. In addition, all NCCER credentials earned can be verified online by employers and craft professionals through the Automated National Registry using a wallet card ID number.

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How can I prove to my employer that I am certified?

Employers use NCCER’s Registry and a wallet card ID number to verify that a craft professional has the NCCER Certified Plus credential.  The Registry will allow an employer to view your transcript indicating any NCCER credentials you have, including whether you are Certified Plus.

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If I am required to be Certified Written by my employer to work at their project/site, will the change in wording affect my employment and pay status?

As a part of the transition, NCCER has been actively educating owners, contractors and human resources departments to help them understand that the change is only in the terminology used and that there is therefore no reason to adjust pay.  Ultimately, however, whether the change has any effect on how an employer views a credential will be determined by the employer's internal policies.

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What do I need to do to obtain my Certified Plus credential?

To become Certified Plus, an individual must complete both the written assessment (Knowledge Verified) and performance (Performance Verified) components of NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP).  If you are already Certified Written (Knowledge Verified) or Performance Verified, then you’ve already completed one half of the certification process.

To find a training or assessment center near you that offers the written assessment or performance verification you need to pass to become Certified Plus, use the Find a Training or Assessment Center tool.

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If I am already Certified Plus, will the change in wording affect my credentials?

No. If you are currently Certified Plus, the re-naming of the written assessment component of the NCACP will not affect your credential.

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For further questions regarding the renaming of the “Certified Written” credential to “Knowledge Verified,” contact NCCER customer service at
(888) 622-3720.