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NCCER Judgment Index

The NCCER Judgment Index™ is an easy-to-understand, measurable assessment of a person's value system and capacity for good judgment. The Index determines whether, and to what extent, a person has good judgment.

The NCCER Judgment Index™ is an easy to use, quick to complete tool to assist human resource professionals make better employment decisions within their company. It lets you see behind the mask a person often “hides” behind and allows you to discover how close they come to the standard set by best performing craft and supervisor professionals. The tool can be used for:

  • Construction hiring and workforce selection
  • Promotion and succession planning
  • Individual development
  • Improved customer service
  • Safety screening
  • Specific job fit
  • Long-term planning
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee wellness


What benefit the NCCER Judgment Index™ bring to my organization?

The NCCER Judgment Index™ will benefit your organization in a variety of ways:

  • Improved selection and hiring practice to best performer standard
  • Reduced front and backdoor turnover
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased productivity
  • Succession planning
  • Better individual and team decision making
  • Increased innovation
  • Reduced stress
  • Identifying potential burnout
  • Greater strategic awareness
  • Higher company morale
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How can we use the NCCER Judgment Index™?

While the Index is available and can be used for all levels of employee, best performer reports have been designed specifically for both the Craft and Supervisor Level Professionals.

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How long before we see results?

Results in hiring and workforce selection will be seen immediately. Additional results are usually apparent within three months as decision-making and judgment processes improve. The NCCER Judgment Index™ has saved organizations millions of dollars, greatly improved financial strength, increased innovation, productivity, creativity, and improved the overall quality of life for their employees.

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We currently use a personnel assessment tool, why use the NCCER Judgment Index™?

Most assessment tools in the market today are based on personality or IQ/rational intelligence or emotional balance. These can be useful in some form but only scratch the surface in gaining information about what makes a person a good hire and what type of decisions they are likely to make. Personal judgment guides the hundreds of daily decisions (big and small) that move a person with good judgment to do the things that have the best outcomes. Similarly, those with poor judgment do those things that take away from and harm good performance. This tool is provides key information and can easily be used with other assessments.

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Do you have to be trained to use the NCCER Judgment Index™?

No, the NCCER Judgment Index™ is an easy to use and easy to understand assessment designed to provide you with a quick look category assessment result and is supported by result details for each individual.

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Can someone trick or game the Index? How certain are the results?

The NCCER Judgment Index™ is extremely difficult to game. The words and phrases used in the Index give little indication as to a desirable order of ranking. They do not ask what a person thinks of themselves; they ask them to think. If someone does attempt to trick the Index, validity indicators will point his out.

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How does the NCCER Judgment Index™ work?

The tool is not a self-scoring type assessment. An individual, based on their unique personal value system, ranks two sets of 18 selections from best to worst. Even though the Index takes only about 15 minutes to complete, the logic and the math used to score the Index are highly sophisticated. There are over twelve quadrillion possible combinations, and based on these combinations and very complex analysis, the capacity for judgment is measured.

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Does the NCCER Judgment Index™ discriminate against any particular group of people?

The NCCER Judgment Index™ has been validated to have no adverse impact on any protected group as defined by the EEOC. The results are not skewed based on any race, religion, or gender.

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Has the Index been validated?

The Index™ has been validated in 20+ studies across forty years of use. Beyond the formal studies, the best validation for us comes from the testimonies of individuals and companies from construction to health care. Large scale validation studies are available on request from Judgment Index™ USA at

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