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Instructor Quick Guide

NCCER is proud to provide instructors with a wide variety of resources for managing their training programs and courses. This guide will highlight each resource, what it offers, and how to access it.

NCCER's Registry System

The NCCER Registry System gives NCCER Instructors and Sponsor Representatives the ability to manage training information online in a secure environment.

Tutorials & Performance Verification Tools

The ANR houses a number of tutorials for both Instructors and Sponsor Representatives on submitting NCCER forms, conducting Performance Verifications, and navigating the automated database. New Performance Verification tools are currently available for Millwright and Pipefitting, and will be made available for additional crafts as they are developed.

Instructor Tools

The ANR allows Instructors to generate Form 101 and 200, access Sponsor’s records, and edit information on forms for convenient online submission. Instructors receive access to the ANR through their Sponsor Representative.

Sponsor Representative Tools

Sponsor Representatives have all the same capabilities as instructors, in addition to features allowing them to provide administrative oversight to their programs. Sponsors can generate reports on modules taught and completed, manage their lists of certified personnel, and view student completions and certificates.  

New Registry Database Coming Soon!

In 2014, NCCER will be launching a new database. The enhanced system will provide a more user-friendly experience with real-time updates on the credentialing and accreditation process. Members of the NCCER network will receive ample notification before and during the transition to the new system.


NCCER collaborates with Subject Matter Experts and Pearson to develop standardized craft training. The NCCER curriculum, which includes more than 60 craft areas, is taught worldwide by contractors, associations, construction users, and secondary and post-secondary schools.

The Bookstore, also known as the Online Catalog, allows customers to build, save, and print their shopping carts. They can purchase curriculum online, or by contacting their Pearson Sales Representative.

The Custom Library allows instructors to custom build a textbook to fit their teaching needs and objectives. They select the craft and modules, customize their cover, and sequence their modules in any order. They then have the option to create a print and/or digital version. The price of the customized title is automatically calculated online as modules are selected.

Please note that in order for students to receive Level Completion Certificates from NCCER's Registry, they will still need to successfully complete each module contained in the level's course map (unless a module is shown as an elective), including Core Curricula which is a pre-requisite to a level one completion.

Students will receive module credit that can be viewed online on the Automated National Registry provided that they successfully complete the written and, if applicable, performance exams.  Level certificates will be generated upon completion of all required modules. Please contact NCCER's Credentialing Services Department at 1-888-622-3720 if you have any questions.

Instructor Resource Center

The Instructor Resource Center (IRC) maintains teaching and exam resources for instructors. A unique code provided in the Annotated Instructor's Guide (AIG) gives access to the IRC. For newly developed craft titles, however, a stand-alone Access Card can be purchased to provide access.

For crafts with AIGs, a link to the IRC includes the following resources:

  • Module Exams
  • TestGen Software
  • Performance Profile Sheets
  • Exam corrections

For select new and recently revised crafts, new instructor assets containing a larger variety of teaching tools are now available. These include all of the above mentioned resources, and:

  • New Comprehensive Lesson Plans are available for each teaching session and consist of objectives, advanced safety considerations, step-by-step instructional outlines, and laboratory equipment checklists. Suggested classroom activities and homework are also provided.
  • Enhanced PowerPoint® presentations support classroom sessions with new images, key talking points, and instructor notes. These PowerPoints are fully integrated with the lesson plans and provide additional slides for instructor customizations.
  • Building Plans are available for select crafts and assist with teaching fundamental concepts related to site layout, plan reading, and detail drawings.

The new resources are currently available for Carpentry Level 1, Heavy Equipment Operation Level 2, HVAC Level 1, and Plumbing Level 2, and will continue to be released for the rest of the curriculum areas as titles are revised.


This online course management supplement provides an interactive experience enhancing student learning and instructor delivery of craft training. Access is purchased through Pearson, who provides instructors with a code to access each craft level. The following tools are housed in NCCERconnect:

  • Course Management allows instructors to email their trainees, set up chat rooms, and host online classroom sessions.
  • The eBook provides a digital, interactive version of NCCER curriculum and includes embedded links, instructor annotations, videos, and animations. This feature allows the instructors and students to highlight the text and make notes for both themselves and others. 
  • Videos, Active Figures, and Animations are used to supplement the e-text and visually demonstrate proper training techniques. Instructors can also use active figures to quiz their trainees on the parts of a piece of equipment or the symbols on a drawing.
  • The Gradebook allows instructors to keep track of their trainees’ grades. This includes automatically scored online tests and manually scored assignments, such as module exams or homework.

NCCER Website

A number of resources for teaching and managing NCCER programs are available on the NCCER website.

  • Accreditation Guidelines & Manuals.
  • Forms utilized in the accreditation process are available for download in PDF format.
  • Course Planning Tools are available for each curriculum area and include:
    • Competencies for each module.
    • Equipment needed to teach the craft.
    • Performance tasks trainees will have to complete.
    • Revision maps, which highlight significant changes to a curriculum that occurred during the revision process, such as the addition and/or deletion of modules. They also detail module names & numbers, suggested training order and teaching hours for a particular craft.
  • NCCER Logo Request Forms are available to Sponsor Representatives to advertise a training or assessment program. To receive the NCCER logo, Sponsor Representatives must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Logo Guidelines.
  • Class Schedules and Registration provides information and links to online registration for NCCER’s Master Trainer Instructor Certification Training Program.