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Craft Expirations

NCCER updates and revises its curricula with input from Subject Matter Experts within the construction industry. After a curriculum is updated and a new edition is published, the previous edition will expire in five years. Level and module completions using the previous edition may be submitted until the expiration date is reached.

How to Decode a Module Number

NCCER module numbers are divided into three parts. This structure allows users to easily track training histories and revisions from one edition to the next.

Index of Crafts


Power Generation Maintenance Electrician

Power Generation I&C Maintenance Technician

Power Generation Maintenance Mechanic

Power Line Worker

Project Management

Project Supervision

Radiographic Testing of Pipeline Welds

Reinforcing Ironwork


Safety Orientation

Safety Technology


Sheet Metal

Signal Person

Site Layout

Solar Photovoltaics

Sprinkler Fitting

Sustainable Construction Supervisor

Tools for Success

Tower Crane Operator



Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician

Your Role in the Green Environment



* Craft expiration information is not currently available.

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