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Curriculum FAQ

What are the benefits of NCCER Curriculum?

  • Industry-recognized portable credentials
  • Competency based and contains measurable objectives
  • Developed by industry experts and trainers
  • Modular in format and suitable for task training
  • Meets or exceeds Apprenticeship requirements

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What are the available crafts?

NCCER develops construction and maintenance curricula for more than 70 craft areas, including safety training and management education. Visit the curriculum page for more information.

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Are any crafts available online?

Yes, NCCER offers more than 20 titles in a robust, online format through NCCERconnect. NCCERconnect is supported by an LMS (Learning Management System) which includes gradebook and performance reporting functionality. It also includes media-rich eTexts with online lectures, video presentations, personalization tools, quizzes, and interactive exercises. In addition to NCCERconnect, we also offer a digital library where books can be customized according to a training program’s needs, and then ordered as a complete custom ‘print’ or ‘digital’ book.

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Which crafts offer credentials?

NCCER maintains a nationally-recognized credentialing system. Students who successfully complete the NCCER Curriculum through an accredited training sponsor will receive industry-recognized credentials. These credentials are in the form of a wallet card, transcript and certificates.

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Can I customize my own training program?

Yes. Each NCCER Curriculum craft area is comprised of successive craft levels and each craft level is comprised of individual units of study called modules. Modules can be treated as separate task-training units. Instructors may customize their own training programs by combining modules across different craft areas. In fact, more than 100 NCCER customizable titles in the program are available for ordering in eBook format. Visit the Custom Library to learn more.

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How is NCCER Curriculum developed?

For each craft, a volunteer team of SMEs is assembled to review and revise the curriculum. SMEs are construction professionals who have journey-level experience and experience teaching their trade to others. The SMEs represent construction companies and schools from around the country to ensure that curriculum remains current with industry standards.

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How often is NCCER Curriculum updated?

The majority of crafts are revised on a three- to five-year cycle.

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How do I purchase NCCER Curriculum?

You may purchase NCCER Curriculum by visiting our online catalog or call Pearson at 800.720.3870.

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Does NCCER offer any supplements?

NCCER offers a variety of product supplements including course planning tools and instructor resources. Course planning tools for the instructor are free and available on our website. These include course teaching outlines, module  objectives, performance tasks, equipment and material lists, and revision maps. Other resources for instructors can be found on the NCCER Instructor Resource Center (IRC). These resources include test generation software, module exams, and for recent releases, PowerPoint instructional slides, lesson plans, video, construction drawings, and more.

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How can I provide comments about the curriculum?

You may e-mail your comments to or submit a user feedback form.

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How do I get my end-of-module examinations for NCCER Curriculum?

Printed module exams are available on the Instructor Resource Center. Every Instructor's Guide includes a craft-specific access code to gain entry to the Instructor Resource Center. From here, instructors can download the latest module exams, TestGen software and performance profile sheets. Newer releases also include access to lesson plans, robust PowerPoint presentations, links to video resources, and construction drawings. Another option for exam delivery is the Testing Management System that delivers exams online. For more information, contact your Pearson NCCER executive director or customer service representative.

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What is the Instructor Resource Center?

The Instructor Resource Center is a secure, password protected website designed for instructors to access TestGen software, module exams and performance profile sheets. Instructors must test with the NCCER curriculum module exam questions in order for students to obtain credentials through NCCER's National Registry.

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Does NCCER give credentials for old versions of curriculum?

NCCER maintains a five year grace period for accepting previous versions of curriculum into its National Registry after a revision has taken place. The links below provide a list of expiration dates for NCCER curricula that have been revised.

Craft Expirations

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How do I receive more information on NCCER Curriculum?

Visit our online bookstore, call NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720, or contact your Pearson representative.