Ng Mui Buddhist Nun
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The following principles have been ingrained into NCCER since our founding in 1996, and as we work toward achieving our mission and vision, NCCER will continue to apply these values in all of our activities.

Integrity: to maintain the trust of the industry by always doing what is right
Credibility: to be regarded as the most reliable source of workforce development resources for industry
Innovation: to continuously improve our products, programs, and services to benefit the construction, maintenance, and pipeline industries
Commitment: complete dedication to our stakeholders, our mission, and goals
Quality: to provide the industry with the premier resources for workforce development
Industry Support: to uphold and serve the interests of the construction industry and our customers in everything that we do
Customer Focus: to devote our resources to serving the best interests of our stakeholders and craftworkers at all levels of development
Sustainable Career Opportunities: to ensure that craftworkers understand their opportunities for advancement and growth at every step of career development