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Assessment FAQ

Where can I go to take an NCCER assessment?

You may go to any accredited assessment center that offers assessments to the public. Just click on the "Find a Training or Assessment Center" button on the NCCER home page and then choose your state to find a list of NCCER Assessment Centers near you. Contact information is provided so that you may contact the administrator of the assessment center and get information on pricing and the next testing session.

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Do all NCCER Assessment Centers offer testing to the general public?

No, some assessment centers only test and provide services to their own employees or members, while others offer their services to the general public. The search tool results will indicate if assessment services are “Public” or “In-House Only.”

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I took an NCCER assessment a while ago and forgot my PIN number. How do I find out what my PIN number is?

Fax or mail in a copy of your driver's license and your social security card to confirm identity to the NCCER Registry Department. Follow up with a phone call to request your PIN.

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I've misplaced my credentials or I would like a new wallet card. How can I get one?

Submit a credential replacement request form. A $10.00 reprint fee may apply.

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What is a cut score?

That is the minimum passing score on an NCCER assessment test as prescribed by the test development. This minimum passing score is usually around 70, but may range from the 60s to the 80s depending on the test. A score higher than or equal to the cut score will provide the participant with a passing result. A score lower than the cut score will provide a "Training Recommended" result. Pipeline assessments are different in that a participant is required to pass each topic area of the test at the cut score minimum to pass the overall test—this is for covered task qualifications and is unique to the pipeline assessments.

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What is Training Recommended?

“Training Recommended” means you didn't meet the cut score of the assessment. The transcript of the test session includes a training prescription that shows in which areas of study you may need remediation. Most NCCER assessments reference the Contren® Learning Series curriculum modules.

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How do I access my assessent results online?

Click the score retrieval button on the NCCER home page to access the Prov Web site, Prov is our testing partner and provides a place where you can look up your individual results if you know your social security number and PIN.

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What types of questions are on the assessment and how can I study or prepare for them?

NCCER provides candidate sheets or “Specifications” of each assessment on our website. The specifications show which Contren® modules are tested, and how many questions there are within each topic (module) area. They also show if any reference material is be allowed, the time limit, the total number of questions, and the score required to pass. There are no study guides for the assessments other than the Contren® Learning Series curriculum.

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