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Academic Career Tests FAQ

What is an NCCT?

The NCCTs, or National Construction Career Tests, are a set of standardized achievement tests based upon industry skill standards. These tests measure the knowledge and skills of students prior to enrolling or after completing construction-related training.

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Why were the NCCTs developed?

NCCTs were developed in response to the nation’s need for industry-driven exams for career and technical education and are ideal for high school pre- and post-testing. NCCTs do not result in NCCER-issued credentials, but schools may print certificates for students who meet or exceed the cut score of any test.

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What training fields are covered in the NCCTs?

NCCTs are based upon NCCER curriculum and include the following crafts: Core: Introductory Craft Skills, Carpentry Level One, Construction Technology, Electrical Level One, Heavy Equipment Operator Level One, Masonry Level One and Welding.

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What are the benefits of NCCTs?

  • Aligned to national industry skill standards (NCCER Curriculum)
  • Validated by industry experts
  • Skills demonstrations linked to knowledge assessments
  • Support objectives for states to implement statewide accountability systems
  • Available in paper/pencil or Web-based format
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How are NCCTs developed?

NCCTs are developed following strict professional test guidelines endorsed by the American Psychological Association and all questions are referenced to NCCER Curriculum. This means direct involvement of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) guided by psychometricians from Prov, Inc., NCCER's test development partner.

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What formats are available?

NCCTs are delivered in two distinct formats: 1) Paper/pencil with fax-in scoring in 30 minutes or 2) Web-based scoring in 2 minutes. Custom student/test site reports are generated instantly.

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How do I begin offering the NCCTs to my students?

Begin offering the NCCT to your students, by following these easy steps:

  • Download and review the NCCT Procedure Manual
  • Complete the school/test site registration form
  • Sign the Certificate of Understanding, and submit to NCCER
  • Download the NCCT order form
  • Order the tests you need for your program and fax NCCT order form to NCCER at 386.518.6303
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How do I find out more about NCCTs?

For more information, contact NCCER customer service at 888.622.3720.

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